Shadow Bloodmoon (Character)

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Shadow Bloodmoon
Nickname(s) Smokey
Species Wolf
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Age 15
Sexuality Homosexual
Eye Color Purple
Fur Color White/Tan white
Hair Color Black With Neon Blue tips


Height-5'11~ Skin colour- White/tan white~ Hair colour and length- Black hair on sides,back,and top. Side length- Short- Top length- Longer, bangs cover right eye bye 1 1/2 inches, bang tips are bright neon blue~ Tail length and colour- black tail with blue leopard like spots,about two feet long~ Ear length and colour- about 3 1/2 inches tall, black fur with blue inside. Often wears black cotton weaved gloves with finger sections cut off, black and sea blue hoodie-jacket, and dark jeans ripped at the knee. Bright fluorescent purple eyes, and owns an extremely special powerful amulet that its powers are unknown, in necklace form, he keeps it with him at all times.


Shadow grew up in a small town, and wasn't greatly cared for as a child. The family he lived with wasn't the wealthiest, so he had very few things he cared for at the time, Shadow's parents had been long passed away, so he lived with one of the town tailors. He had not many friends, and was often bullied by the other kids who didn't understand him. As the years progressed the bullying had gotten worse, and he didn't have much self confidence or self esteem. He had decided to flee the town, in pursuit of a new life around the age of eight, he wandered the vast lands, hoping to find someone or something to be family or have a real friend. One day, as he was dreaming in the meadow, a young lady that goes by the name of Raven,who is a lone shewolf, came across the young pup, looking tattered and cold, she took him back to her cottage. She took him in as her own and she had become a very important person in Shadows life, very much like a mother figure to him. He has lived with her ever since, and he even changed took on her last name, Bloodmoon. She had been training him in self defense and hand to hand combat, so he could take care of himself if he was ever in trouble.


Very caring and protective of his friends, empathetic, very talented in the arts of music and painting, pretty shy when you first meet him, but as he warms up to you the bubbly, inner pup of his comes out more and more, not very self-confident.