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Seylen Feral Form
Species Gryphon
Gender Female
Sexuality Bisexual


A thousand thousand thousand years ago, as the story goes, lived an ancient, powerful, and prosperous civilization. The people lived long, peaceful lives, virtually devoid of strife or darkness of any sort. Until one season, for thirty days, the civilization was ravaged by powerful storms, destroying almost all they knew. The most powerful survivors, as well as the people's great Matriarch convened to try and stop such a disaster from repeating itself. The council of priests and clergymen granted the matriarch god-like immortality, and a new appearance. They also gave her an enchanted tool that allowed her to control weather. She told her people so long as they stayed true to what she wished for her them, no storm would ever do them harm. And so it was for countless generations. The people bestowed their goddess the name Seylen, which in their language means "To shield with clouds." Today, Seylen's people have been long dead. Her powers are more of a talent now, rather than a tool. Lifetimes worth of knowledge have lent her the ability to willingly create or lock away memories, giving the deity the ability to be any average gryphon girl among us.


There isn't a lot anyone can say about her personality; Seylen can be anyone she wants. Whether she's shy, outgoing, friendly or withdrawn, something that always carries through her is her compassion, and nobleness.


Feral/Deity form:

Anthro form:

(See the orbs attached by string as well as the ribbon in the Feral picture? In her Anthro form, that piece becomes a bright blue, barely luminescent Scarf, the orbs dangling no more than six inches from either end of it.)