Monica Blackburn

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Name: Monica Blackburn Age: 11 Height: 4'9" Body Type: Mid-build, neither fat nor skinny. Blood Type: half blood Family Description: The daughter of a muggle mother from America and a wizard father in Great Britain who now runs an animal shelter and hospital for both magical and non-magical animals. Her mother has a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and her father specializes in Magical Creatures. Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Wand Build: 10 1/4 inch flexible wand made of mahogany, inlaid with the hair of one of the unicorns she and her parent rescued and cared for. Wand Appearance: Pet Description: While Monica has dozens of pets at home, the two that she has been allowed to bring to school are a peregrine falcon named Orion for handling her mail, and a dwarf, brown rabbit she's named Radagast. (You all can guess where she got that name) Patronus Form: Red Squirrel Favorite Class: Care of Magical Creatures Personality: Monica has an endless love for animals. She is very affectionate with them, wanting pets and cuddles. She is very curious about all creatures, even those who both the magical and muggle world deem "dangerous." This curiosity has given her a strange gift. She has been able to soothe many wild, savage animals, calming them so that her parents could treat them. Her mother is convinced that her gift is magical in nature, and hopes the school can help her harness it. She also has a love of muggle music, especially metal. Bio: Born to a muggle mother and a wizard, he pre-birth story is actually just as compelling as her life. Her mother was outraged and scared when she found out her lover was a wizard, running away. But, as the pregnancy went on, she realized that not only did she need his help raising her child, but deep down, she truly loved him, no matter what she was. She desperately looked for a wizard in America, hoping they would help her find her husband. After a lot of effort, she stumbled on a wizard house, begging them to help her get back together with her love. They agreed and soon she was in England, where she gave birth to Monica. The father came running when he found out and soon the two were married, holding little Monica throughout the ceremony. Monica was with the family as they built their own business. An animal hospital for pets and wildlife, with another enchanted half, inaccessible to muggles, for magical creatures and pets for wizards and witches. Growing up, Monica has seen and played with all manner of animals, both magical and non-magical. She often ends up in charge of rehabilitation for animals recovering from surgery, helping them re-learn how to walk, fly, whatever they need, all under her father's supervision. Everyone was excited when she was accepted into Hogwarts. They all went to Diagon Alley, giving Olivanders the hair of a unicorn she helped nurture to inlay into a wand for her. She passed on buying a pet from the store, content with her personal zoo at home. Appearance: Monica has pretty hazel eyes and short black hair. Her face is rather pretty, but there are a few very small scars across her cheeks, most likely from her family business in caring for animals. But she doesn't mind them, saying that the animals were very friendly when they realized she wasn't a threat.