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Lacey Jay
Crop of NSFW Picture
Species Cat
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
Age 21
Sexuality Homosexual
Eye Color Green and Red
Fur Color Black
Hair Color White with Pink, Green and Blue highlights.
Weight 87 lb (39 kg)


Lacey has lived a life she only believes was lived in solitude. To her, nobody understood her, she didn't feel anybody could relate to her... She didn't like what other girls liked, she didn't like... Boys. So when she did find a friend, someone she felt safe with, someone she felt she could actually relate to? She got... She got really attached, and it's hurt her a lot to find out that person didn't feel the same.


Lacey Is shy but very romantic. She gets attached to people to easily, falling too hard for someone she may only think she loves. She believes strongly in 'love at first sight.'