Benjamin Woodburn

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Benjamin Woodburn
Born October 16, 1980
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Species Human
Gender Male
Family Lawrence Woodburn (Brother)
House Hufflepuff
Wand Dark Oak with Phoenix Feather core, 10 & 1/2", stiff
Patronus Brown Bear
Height 4'10"
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Light
Hair Color Brown
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Hufflepuff


Benjamin and his younger brother both were born and raised in Mountbellew, Ireland. Both of their parents work for the Ministry of Magic, but in separate departments. When Ben was nine, he stumbled upon an injured baby Raven with his brother while exploring the woods near their home. Unable to locate the nest, they brought the Raven home and convinced their parents to let him heal it and raise it until it could be set free again. Although they tried to release it a couple of years later, the Raven continued to return to their home and peck on Ben's window until he allowed in. Ben decided to name it Ainsley, and they have been together since. Ben was glad that Hogwarts allowed pets, or else he would be devastated to have to leave Ainsley behind.

Physical Description

Slim but relatively toned for his age due to actively exploring and playing with his brother. His hair is just above shoulder length, and he has already begun the early stages of puberty.


Friendly and loyal until the end, Ben chooses his close friends very carefully. He is friendly towards anyone who treats him the same, but he only gets close to people he trusts. Willing to give most people the benefit of the doubt. His trusting nature has gotten him into trouble a couple of times which is part of what caused him to become more selective of who his close friends are. Betraying Ben's trust is a death sentence to any sort of relationship shared with Ben.