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Species Bunny
Gender Female
Age 21

Character Name: Babelle Age: 21 Gender: Female Species: Bunny




Babelle was the cliche popular girl in her school, always on her mobile texting a dozen of people, organizing tons of activities in her free time, having the best grade of the class. But even though she had everything, Babelle is a romantic kind of girl, she wanted to find love. Unfortunately, even though she was popular and everything, the guy she liked didn't, he turned her away like trash, and after that Babelle started having less friends, only contacts or very close friends that she hung out all the time with and talked to everyday. When she finished school, she started working, like anyone would do, and since then she waits for someone that she can call her boyfriend. She joined a dating site, hoping this would ease the process, and even if she found weird people or that her attempt failed with someone, she was willing to give it a try just for the fact that they would probably both be horny and want to do a one nighter. She had done many of those in school.


Babelle is silly, organized, determined and supportive. She likes to cuddle with her close friends, launch parties sometimes. She's kind of a dork, but in a good way. When things get serious, she's very romantic, and the smallest things could have a hidden meaning. She will not be straight to someone that she loves, but if she wants to have sex, she won't really hide it. Every opportunity to fuck is a good one, and she takes them all.