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What Is Illegal Movie Streaming?[edit]

Watching movies over the internet is easy, but the same goes for illegal movie streaming. Even if you don t want to head down to the underground of illegal sites, there are many legal, or at least inexpensive, options available to you. If you want to know more about avoiding illegal movie streaming, then visit website OwlRatings. Here, you will find the best legal movie streaming sites. All across the United States, state and federal laws have been passed to protect individuals from the activities of so-called pirate websites. Although these types of websites often offer illegal services and may even host illegal materials themselves, their operations are restricted by those same laws. Websites such as streaming, movieboxx, and similar sites are required to get a special license before they can operate in a legal way. There are two main types of sites that have to worry about under the new PIPA law. The first is the actual download site like Rotten Tomatoes or Fakespot that links to illegal movie sites. The second is the link that allows you to view an illegal movie, and that could be a movie studio linked to pirate sites or another type of link that sends you to a movie you do not want to watch. That is why movie streaming sites like iTunes and Hulu are not being targeted, even though their members would still be breaking the law if they did so. If you do decide to stream a movie from one of these sites, you are more likely to be charged with something similar to the fine under PIPA rather than the criminal behavior of the illegal movie downloads. Because there are many different kinds of websites that are going to be affected by the PIPA laws, movie studios have been calling on Congress to pass this along to the American public. One of their goals is to make sure that all websites cannot link to anything that does not have fair copyrights. That means that websites that link to music or movies without getting permission will not be punished. It also means that websites that are not directly related to the content are not allowed to do so either. For example, a news website could be linking to an illegal movie, but the fine they pay for doing so would not apply. Because of the way that the PIPA laws are written, the movie studios feel that they have a lot of freedom when it comes to internet freedom.