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Virtual Phone Number for WhatsApp Account Activation[edit]

Notifications about new numbers that are being added to your existing contact list can easily be managed when you use a dedicated virtual number for WhatsApp account activation. It is extremely beneficial as you do not have to keep writing down the same number over again. You also get to enjoy numerous benefits. If you want to buy a virtual phone number for WhatsApp account activation, you can get it from Whatsapp uses an innovative service by providing you a virtual number that you can use while using the messaging system. You just need to register your phone number on the site, and you get to enjoy the privileges of messaging and receiving calls even while you are not at home or at the workplace. This virtual number can be entered into the messaging system to add some security measures to your communication activities. It works similar to a telephone number, and the feature is fully functional on both Blackberry and smartphones like Android mobiles. However, there are few things you should consider before you enter any phone number on the site. First and foremost, you should confirm whether you want to activate your account on a trial basis or for a permanent purpose. The latter option allows you to switch off your mobile phone from any location without any charges. In case of trial usage, you get to enjoy the services for a limited period only. In addition, there are various other benefits of activating your phone's real number through this service provider. For instance, you can easily get connected with your friends who have set their messages to WhatsApp. Moreover, you can also send texts and pictures to others using this messaging system from any location. This means you do not have to take the pain of searching for a phone number on the internet. Furthermore, you can also avail yourself of a virtual number for a cheaper fee. The only down point of using this system is that it does not work in conjunction with your phone's messaging system. Once you have confirmed all your requirements, you will be able to activate your account on the site. After doing so, you will get a verification code and a unique virtual number. You will then be able to access your account and check out all your messaging options. Therefore, in a nutshell, the process of cell phone to cell phone connection is made easy with this particular service.