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Why Is Pop Music So Popular?[edit]

Why is it that people like themselves into songs that have popular tunes on the radio? Why do people have such a huge affinity for songs like 'Love Actually' by The Beatles or 'Luther Vandross' by Vandross? What is it about pop music that appeals to a wider base than other types of music? The answers to these questions might be many and various, but here are a few of the most popular reasons behind the popularity of pop music. If you want to enjoy pop mp3 music, you can go to the What Is That Song online website to download the songs. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for people being into pop music is that it appeals to their emotions. Pop lyrics tend to deal with subjects that are considered to be more emotional. For example, songs dealing with death, divorce, break-ups, sadness, anger, and even sexual themes are very popular. As a result, the audience tends to connect with the words being said in the song much better than if the subject of discussion were some political issue or even a scientific fact. Another reason behind the popularity of this type of music is that it tends to be catchy. Pop songs are generally created with simple melody lines and are repeated often. This helps listeners remember the tune easily. A listener might be enticed to listen to the tune because it is catchy. Also, the melody and repetition often draw the listener in. Eventually, when a listener enters a song, the familiarity of the melody draws him/her into the song, making it stick in mind. One reason why pop music has become so popular is that it deals with topics that were considered to be hot at the time. For example, songs dealing with the recent deaths of beloved celebrities are among the top searches on Google every day. This is because the listeners want to know what happened to their favorite celebrities and why they are dead. Another reason why music has become so popular is that it involves a high level of emotions. Pop songs deal with serious topics that are sometimes too much for younger listeners. Sometimes, parents don't want their kids listening to songs that are too mature for them. As a result, parents often look for these songs on the internet, where it is less likely that inappropriate material will be found. At the same time, some songs are created for specific reasons. This makes them more popular among certain groups of people.