Sara Jarrah

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Sara Jarrah
Born 17th July, 1975
Blood Status Pure Blood
Species Human
Gender Female
Title Prefect

Nadea Jarrah (Sister)

Altair Jarrah (Brother)
House Ravenclaw
Wand 12", Beech Wood, Dragon Heartstring, Sturdy
Height 5'6"
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Light Tan
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • Jarrah Family
  • Ravenclaw


Gentle but wise, Sara is a focused young individual of excellent magical intellect. She tends to disregard Nadea's behaviour as silly and childish, not taking her serious often. She is aware she the smartest of the Jarrah's and makes sure to flaunt it to her siblings.

Physical Description[edit]

"Sara carried a cage with a raven inside, a case in her left hand and a leather bag on her back. She dressed quite mature, with a long, black trench coat and maroon scarf. Round, oversized glasses accompanied her beautiful, structured, tanned face. She was around 5'6" and had a slender, model-like build."


Sara is a popular Ravenclaw and well known by professors, shining through with her smartness. She was given prefect due to her mature, responsible nature and is well suited to ordering around students to behave. She seems to follow in her mother's footsteps, aiming to one day take on a profession like she had. Much like her mother, she has a gift for magical knowledge but a love for using it in daily life.