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Welcome to The Fur and Scales Wiki![edit]

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Message from Glath:


2/9/17: I'm going to try to update the wiki to a newer version, as new as I can without being able to upgrade PHP to a newer version... MAYBE THEN I can get the infoboxes working? MAYBE????

2/5/17: Holy fuck dude I'm just trying to make it so there's neat little infoboxes, you know, like the ones you see on wikipedia or whatever where there's a side box showing a picture, a few quick words about them, like how old they are and where they were born and if they died, when they died etc etc... but in order to do that simple fucking thing you got to go and fucking download a bunch of shit and then try and set it up only to get fucking script errors all over the place and aghkjashg98ay7e8-6kgda

2/3/17: I am now the owner of Fur and scales. It's been, Almost 7 years, from being a small group on a forum, to branching out into our own forum hosted by third party hosts, to actually becoming a website. As our new owner and leader of the site, I can say that soon, we'll have a home we can all be proud of. Fur and Scales has become much more then a simple forum, it's become a community that's been like family for so many of us. Everyone has entrusted the future to me and I hope I can provide it.

9/18/13: We finally have an official site. But it seems like the wiki has been depreciated. I'm regretting not taking the opportunity to run the site myself, but it's probably better this way...

6/11/13: It's over. F&S is Officially dead. We are using for now, but I don't like the fact we are using another lefora server, I really hope this is temporary until we get an actual site running...

6/6/13: I think we are migrating to a different site, I don't know...

5/24/13: Just Kidding I guess... Lefora is being stupid as usual...

5/23/13: PANIC!!!! F&S IS DOWN! RIP F&S.

3/1/13: 2 years Since this Wiki was created!

3/1/12: One Whole year Since this Wiki was created!

2/20/12: We may need to move from our Lefora server soon, Be sure your Character Bios are up to date, before you won't be able to access them. I do not think that the board will be deleted, but better safe then sorry.

11/20/11: I decided to put a chat box on the side. Also Good job to those updating their characters.

8/26/11: I has mod Powers now. Please update your profile or....... I will look very meanly at you.

6/11/11: FaS Wiki still needs help! Please try to post all your relationships on your character Bios, I'm trying to implement a family tree of some sort.

Please help with Established "Lore" of threads.