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Ahren Sundburg
Species Black Jaguar
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 1 in (185 cm)
Age 27
Eye Color Icy blue
Fur Color Black
Hair Color Jet Black with Red highlights


Ahren is quite a reserved person. He doesn't speak unless spoken too, and speaks only what he needs to speak. He'd rather nod or shake his head, or even give a response solely with those cold, almost lifeless eyes of his.




Ahren is the son of a very powerful clan in his kingdom. They aren't the rulers of the kingdom, but the very empire took their family's name - Sundberg. They are a clan of the Military's elite, and Ahren was no exception. After training all of his life to fight with sword and shield, when he came of age to be an officer of the kingdom's military, he was thrown into a high ranking seat - without any knowledge on how to be a leader. Ahren knew, when his nation was called into battle only a few moons later, that his men were not ready to fight. He was not ready to fight.


Although he isn't quite a leader, Ahren is still quite the strategist - he is an intelligent fighter. He is nimble, light on his feet, and would much rather use his own enemy's actions against them. That sword he carries with him at all times is his last resort - and when it comes down to it, he draws that blade and uses it expertly. He's trained in the art of sword fighting all his life, and even taught himself how to use his sheathe as a weapon too.