Mechawolf's guide to F&S for noobs!

A place for new users to welcome themselves.
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Mechawolf's guide to F&S for noobs!

Post by mechawolf » Thu Feb 09, 2017 5:21 pm

Welcome any new people entering our forum community here at F&S. We always welcome new people and insist they be a part of our virtual family. That said, while there are official rules for the forum, there is also a general guideline of unspoken rules that this post will elaborate. Please read this post to understand how we interact with each other in this private virtual space.


After talking with one of the newer members, I feel I should add something. Many of the active members here are socially or mentally challenged. Many of us have varying mental disorders, ranging from autism and asperger's to dyslexia and split personalities. This makes interacting with new arrivals challenging for us. So, please, we insist that you bear with us, be a part of our community, be patient with us as people, and be tolerant of our problems. But by all means, share your own problems with us. We are all freaks, and we want to make sure we can all trust and interact safely with one another.


This first set of guidelines apply universally throughout the forum

General Guideline 1: The only hate and prejudice here is what you bring with you. We avoid using any derogatory terms. Of course, this can be subjective, as one person may take a word out of context from its original meaning, but generally, if a person asks you to not use a specific word, please be considerate and avoid using that word.

General guideline 2: This is an adult Roleplaying community, which means there are explicit interactions and content. However, we do not in any way shape and form support or condone any acts of nonconsensual sex, child molestation, bestiality, murder, or any other acts of an immoral or illegal nature in the physical world. We also support equality in all aspects, including, but not limited to, gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and religion.

General Guideline 3: This in an adult Roleplay forum, so we will make every effort to avoid any sort of sexually explicit role playing with real-life minors under the age of 18. If you are a minor, you can still be a part of our community. We simply ask that you not participate in any explicit roleplays. If an administrator suspects you of being a minor active in adult roleplays, he or she has every right to ask for a picture of you with a state or government issued ID. Please provide it in any way available to you. This can include a shared picture on our Discord. We do have a legal right to take some form of action if you are a minor soliciting for sexual roleplays.

General Guideline 4: Stay active with us. We don't bite, we are not mean, we will not discriminate. We enjoy and encourage active members, even if they don't want to participate in our roleplays. The main reason for this guideline is that we have accounts and members that have been inactive for a long time, or else those who have not made even a single post, and that is a waste for us as a community, and a waste of data on our servers. Even if you just want to read our roleplays for personal enjoyment, we still want you to be a part of our community as a friend.

General Guideline 5: Our admins have every right to investigate everyone here in the event of suspicious situations. Be courteous and understanding, and answer all their questions. We have lately been having a sudden influx of ad bots, and our admins are trying to do their best to put a complete halt on such things, so please understand that it is just the administrators doing their due diligence.

Now, some of you may wonder, what is our guideline for suspicious situations? The primary situation this guideline pertains to is the event of people registering from the same IP address. For those not tech-savvy, the IP address is essentially the location of your computer in the virtual space of the Internet, which our admins can view when you register. So, if more than one account is being created from the same IP address, it makes it look like one person is creating multiple accounts, which is, in fact, a suspicious situation. There are other situations that can be suspicious, but they are on a case-by-case basis. (Note to admins: if there are other, more specific suspicious situations you feel should be mentioned, please edit this post and type them up here.)

If you feel an admin is wrongfully questioning you, talk to myself or one of the other privileged users. We have all been together for a while, and we can mediate between everyone to make things fair and just for everyone, or help explain things to one another. But do not run to us if you are being punished for violating our forum rules. We neither can nor will help you with that.


Now that we have the general guideline of the forum out of the way, let us focus on the primary content of this forum community; the roleplays. The following are general guidelines to be used universally for all roleplays:

Edit your posts as needed. Our forum allows an unlimited timeline on editing posts, but, usually after a period of time between a minute and a day, the post has already been read by everyone involved. If someone can't understand your roleplaying post, they will let you know and ask you to clarify or edit. But don't go back, constantly edit your post, and expect others to keep track of and keep up with your edits. Especially if someone has already replied to your post. The sole exception would be a placeholder post for when you want to immediately reply to another's roleplay with a reaction from your roleplay character before someone else does, but that is more often needed in Serious and Semi-casual roleplays rather than casual roleplays.

Do not deviate or change up your character in the middle of a roleplay. It can be confusing and/or inconsiderate to other players, so please, stick to your character's stated Bio. The only exception would be either the concept of character development during a roleplay, such as learning something new, or if the character undergoes a transformation during a roleplay, such as a gender change.

Try to keep your posts longer than one sentence. Short, bland, non-descriptive, roleplaying posts are hard for others to reply to, or will simply be responded with the same. You do not need to write an entire page of roleplaying, but do try to keep your posts specific and detailed as much as possible. Especially in the serious roleplays. A general rule of thumb would be a four or five sentence paragraph. However, we undeestand if it is hard to reply to some post with more than one sentence. Just try to keep it to a minimum.

Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Nothing kills a roleplaying mood faster than an illegible post. Use your spellcheck and make sure your post makes sense to others.

Keep track of your character. A lot of our RP's operate on a long term scale. What this means is your character will likely develop relationships, undergo physical and/or mental changes, maybe even get married and/or have children. So make sure you can and do keep track of such events and how they affect your character. Feel free to edit and update your character's Bio to include any changes your character has experienced, or relationships your character has developed.

BE PATIENT! We have a lot of people with a very busy and very serious life in the real world. Sometimes, they may not be in the mood to do certain roleplays. Sometimes, they have computer problems and can't get on the forum. Sometimes, they have a major event going on and may be away from the forum for a while. And sometimes, they can't get any inspiration to continue and may want to quit a specific roleplay altogether. It's important to wait patiently, maybe even start a new roleplay with another member if you are waiting a long time for a reply. This guideline is much more prominent in the Serious roleplays.


There are three main types of roleplays. Casual, Semi casual, and Serious. Each one has its own set or guidelines, rules, and processes. I will go into the general guide for each one individually, starting with Casual.


Casual roleplays are just spontaneous roleplays between two or more players. These mainly occur in the casual roleplay subforum here: as well as the F&S Area subforum linked on the same page.

Most casual roleplays are explicit, but players can request a non-sexual roleplay as well. All casual Roleplays have no real story except what the involving players decide. Roleplayers may also decide if their characters should have a relationship between two characters, or even have children.

There is a topic for many desired scenarios, so players should take their roleplays to a topic that fits their scenario. You should only post a new roleplaying topic if you are certain there are no other topics that fit what you desire in a roleplay. If you are unsure, ask a member.

Before a new member can start roleplaying, they must first create a bio, or profile, for their character. The rules and template for creating a bio can be found on the first page of the RP Character Approval topic here:


Here are some general, unspoken guidelines for creating a new character:

When creating a bio, do not skimp out on details. Make your character as original and well-designed as possible. Back-stories aren't necessary, but can certainly help in developing who your character is. Include what kind of fetishes your character is into, if the character is for explicit roleplays, sexual preference, etc.

It is perfectly okay to create more than one original character. It is not okay to create "clones" of your own character, ie. characters with the same fetishes and personality. Just reuse your original character for each different roleplay.

Pictures are not necessary, but can be linked to your profile under appearance. Please use an internet link, as attaching an image to your post takes up space on our server. A website link is much better.
Websites to get pictures include and, but really, the sky is the limit.

We have been trying to avoid creating Bios for copyrighted characters, such as video game characters and TV show characters. There's a reason none of us have created a bio using a picture for Krystal from Star Fox, as hot as she may be. The last thing we really need is a C&D from Nintendo, Disney, or whatever.

If you want to create a My Little Pony character, do some of our members a favor and keep said character for PM (private message) roleplaying. You can post the bio, but make sure you say that it is for private roleplaying. We have some people here who hate MLP with a passion, so just save everyone the headache of listening to them.

There's nothing technically wrong with creating loli characters for adult roleplaying, or having a character with a loli fetish, just be responsible and reasonable when using and/or roleplaying with such characters.


After creating and posting a bio in the RP Character Approval topic above, you must wait for an administrator or moderator to approve it. This is simply a formality, primarily used to prevent roleplayers from creating constant duplicate characters, and to ensure that no one is using the same appearance or name that someone else is already using. Mods and Admin are usually very quick about this, so you will not need to wait long.

Once your character has been approved, you must create a new topic in the Role-play character bios sub-forum here:
You must title the topic "[your forum name]'s Character Bios" and then post the profile you have created into this new subforum. You are now ready to start casual roleplaying.

The best way to start a roleplay is to post an "ad" for your character here:

This will allow others to see what you have. Feel free to add a specific request, such as a certain fetish you want to roleplay, or gender preference for your character's partner. Eventually, you will have a response from an interested forum member. You and the other player or players may then mingle to decide a scenario and then begin your RP.

When Roleplaying, try to remain in some sort of order for posting, especially if there is more than two members participating. Also, if you do not like the direction another member is going in terms of roleplaying, let them know and they will gladly switch around to something your more comfortable with.

You can also RP with another person within your private messages if you are shy about RPing where other members are able to watch. Just click on their profile link and, on the resulting page, click "send private message," put a title next to "Subject" and set up the scene.

That is the end of the casual RP guidelines. Now we go to Semi casual.


Semi casual RPs are very similar to casual. They are primarily split in the subforums of the casual role-play subforum here, but have been inactive lately:

In these role-plays, you can use any of your already established characters and may or may not involve sexual content, depending on the actual roleplay. When you are roleplaying here, you should get permission from the RPs creator, who acts as the moderator. The moderator is largely in charge of that roleplay, so he or she may have specific rules or character requirements in order to roleplay there. Please be courteous, follow those rules, and enjoy yourself.

Most semi-casual roleplays are on their own, independent story arc, so you need not worry about changes being applied to your character in casual roleplays, unless it is a change you desire.

Now for Serious Roleplays.

Serious roleplays can be found here, but are currently inactive because of inactive members or lost interest:

But our primary serious roleplay is Will of the Wisp, moderated by the admin Lex_senpai. The roleplay can be found here:

Serious roleplays are very different from casual roleplays. Sexual interactions are minimal to designated areas or else non-existent.

Before you join a serious roleplay, you must get permission from the moderator of the roleplay to join. The moderator of the roleplay is usually the creator and he or she acts as the admin of said roleplay. They are the boss, and what he or she says usually goes. But don't let that scare you. All our moderators for these roleplays are fair and just, and want everyone involved to enjoy their roleplay experience. Make sure you work with them to figure out what you can and can't do as part of this roleplay.

Once you get permission from the roleplay's moderator, you create a profile/bio of the character you want to roleplay as. All our serious Roleplays already have a template for you to use when creating a character, and if you need help creating a character, everyone involved is able to help you however you wish.

Again, do not make a short, bland bio. Put down as much details as possible, including backstory and personality. Do not quit the roleplay altogether if your character is not approved. Work with the admin to create a new character, or edit your posted character to a point which you both can agree on. Do not simply abandon a roleplay if things do not go your way. Work out an agreement with those involved.

Once you create a bio, ask the moderator when you can join in the roleplay. Jumping in the middle of a roleplay with no rhyme or reason is generally bad manners to everyone involved. If the moderator wants to finish a story arc, or progress to a particular point of the story first, accept this without any argument. You will still be allowed to roleplay.

Now that you are roleplaying in a serious roleplay, a few guidelines to bear in mind:

Read everything. Even if you do not think a post pertains to your character, it can still contain information your character can use, and give you insight on what's going on in the story. But be reasonable with that information. As is in the forum's official rules, no God-modding.

Study on the rest of the characters. You should make a judgement on how your character will interact with other characters. It should always be more than just bland, unemotional interactions. See how their personalities would clash when the two confront one another.


If you have any questions, or feel as if something should be explained, by all means reply and either myself, or one of our many forum veterans, will promptly answer it.

Again, thank you all for joining our private community.
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Re: Mechawolf's guide to F&S for noobs!

Post by mechawolf » Sat Jun 10, 2017 12:07 pm

Edited to include some extra guidelines, along with rearrangement for better reading, and spelling and grammar fixes.


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Re: Mechawolf's guide to F&S for noobs!

Post by Alpha Azure » Fri Oct 27, 2017 5:04 am

Damn, talk about a wall of text. But seems to cover everything.
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Re: Mechawolf's guide to F&S for noobs!

Post by Hei » Fri Oct 27, 2017 1:18 pm

Great idea, Mechie
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