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Forum Rules

Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2013 7:15 pm
by Yohamaru
The following are the forum rules. These are here for all to read, all to see, and by joining this forum you agree to these terms, and have the awareness that the failure to abide by these rules could result in strikes placed on you're account, and the inevitable ban of your IP/Username/email.

All users of this forum are subjected to content of an adult nature, and therefore are legally agreeing that they are allowed to view said content., Godaddy hosting, phpBB networks, and any and all affiliates are NOT responsible for exposing underage users to explicit content. All underage users will have their accounts subsequently deactivated, and removed from the forum.

a. User's are required to respect other users in every way, shape, and form. We all love to joke, and we absolutely allow the kindhearted fun, but if a user makes it clear it is no longer fun, all acts of harm must cease and desist immediately.
Fighting with another player is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Public arguments that result in threats, insults to one's character or reputation, harassment of any kind, or any other type of harmful behavior will result in punishment leading up to and including permanent IP/Username/email ban.
Drama in this sense is defined as any situation that could cause harm to one's character, reputation, or self in any way. This could includes but is not limited to rumors, fights, or any other publicly available information about someone that could cause them harm. Drama is something that happens, but we only ask that if you have even the slightest inkling what you say or do could cause Drama, you take it to a private message. Keeping drama to a minimum is crucial, and repeated offenders will result in punishment leading up to and including permanent IP/Username/email ban.
Our staff here at FaS, Admin's and Mod's alike, run the show. They're way goes, and that's that. We ask that you respect our staff and their wishes, they're is a reason that benefits the whole behind every decision they make. Failure to respect staffs' wishes will result in punishment leading up to and including permanent IP/Username/email ban.

b. Use of degrading or offensive language.
racial, gender, religious, ethnic, sexual, or any other slur is NOT to be used ANYWHERE on,, Fur and Scales Discord or the Fur and Scales wiki. (These terms include, but are NOT LIMITED TO: F*ggot, F*g, N*gger, W*tback, H*nkey, H*wlie, N*gga, ect.) The use of these terms will result in strikes placed on your account, and repeated offenses will result in punishment leading up to and including permanent IP/Username/email ban.

c. Personal space.
There's no easy or clear way to define personal space, especially in a forum where it is not very clear if someone is in or out of character when not in the RP threads. This rule will serve as a reminder to all users to respect other's personal space. Users are encouraged to take a gentle approach when ever trying to make physical contact with another user, as this contact might cause the other user to feel claustrophobic, stressed, ect. If a user asks/tells you to stop, STOP. If a user does not cease and desist, they will receive punishment up to and including permanent IP/Username/email ban.

a. This section will be separated into two, one covering global posting, and the other concerning with any and all RP posting.
Global posting
This posting includes posting everywhere, in character, out of character, RP or not, these rules are to be followed by all. The only real rule here is copy right - no user may claim Copyrighted/Trademarked material of any sort as his/her own. Claiming legal material will result in an immediate removal of the content and a strike placed against your account. Repeated offenders will result in punishment leading up to and including permanent IP/Username/email ban. Now, this doesn't mean one has to have a huge disclaimer above every time they post content. This means keep trademarked names out of topic names, and do not post pay-site material.
Role-play posting
There isn't much to post here, because rules change according to the type of setting. It could be serious, semi-casual, or casual. One thing all users need to agree on, is there cannot be any "God-modding." This term refers to a user's character (Or the character him/herself, depending on if it's first or third person role-playing) is either designed unrealistically powerful, or the user uses the character in such a way that the actions said character performs are unrealistically powerful. Not much can be said about this, as this rule holds no punishment. Only, it will bring a bad reputation about your skill as a role-player.

We here at FaS believe strongly in online privacy, and have taken to enforcing a restriction on certain types of PII, in a public setting. No user will make their Address (Any information about your address you have attached to your profile IS appropriate; such as City, State, Country, all Macro forms of location are acceptable.), Phone Number, Financial Information, or Medical Information (Such as medical reports - Official hospital documents, and such) available in any public setting. This means the mentioned forms of PII will show up NO WHERE on outside of Private Messages. We also have a strict policy against posting pictures of your real self. Please, keep all of this personal information - both for our sake and your protection - out of a public setting.

C. Third Party Communication Sites
a. This section of the rules will cover Third Party sites Associated with Fur and Scales, and Fur And Scales Discord. As well as these few rules, all other forum rules apply to these websites. You will be punished all the same as if you were infringing on forum rules here on the forum.
Erotic Role Playing and Cybering refers to the action of any explicit role playing. This is forbidden in the general chat room. All explicit role plays/cybers must be taken somewhere other than the general chat room. We hope you come to the site, but there are countless other places you can take these scenes. This is an offense that if committed repeatedly, will result in a strike placed against your account. This is true regardless of how long you have been with us, or regardless of your rank. All Administrators and Moderators will enforce this rule.
There is a difference between Spamming and Flooding. Spamming our chat room I will define as an unnecessarily large amount of consecutive posts about irrelevant information. This will result in an automatic mute in the chat - for no less than five minutes. Repeated offenders will lose their privilege to use the chat room. Flooding our chat room is defined as just how it sounds - an excess of posts that hogs up the chat log in between other user's posts. This offense will induce a warning, and continuation of the offense will result in muting for no less than five minutes. Repeated offenders will lose their privilege to use the chat room.
There may be other third party communications sites being used by our members. These are unapproved and should not be referenced in on-site communication. Any rules violations occurring off of approved Third-Party Communication sites will be considered as evidence, but ultimately not punished only for off-site communication rules violations. Bringing in off-site communication onto the site in a attempt to "witch hunt" another member (See A.2 Drama) will incur punishment leading up to and including permanent IP/Username/email ban.

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Posted: Sat Oct 12, 2013 10:26 pm
by Yohamaru
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by SCP-1471
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Posted: Sat Jul 23, 2016 10:43 pm
by Yohamaru
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by glath
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Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:04 pm
by glath
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