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  • EmilyEatsRainbows wrote:that google bot and I are going to become best friends

    Welcome to my weekday boredom =P
    Stand Name: Brass Goggles
    Stand ability: [Power Deactivation]
    Power - B
    Speed - D
    Range - B
    Durability - C
    Precision - C
    Potential - A
    Description: The ability to deactivate any superpower sources, whether superhuman or powerful objects. Advanced form of Power Negation. Opposite to Power Activation. The user has the ability to deactivate any source of superpowers whether from superhumans or from powerful objects. The deactivation of powers may be temporary and/or permanent.
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  • Hey guys quick thing: Logan says we got a new member coming in, but we ABSOLUTELY need to avoid using the word "nonconsensual sex" around her, or anything relating to forced sex. I imagine she might have some form of PTSD about it, and I don't want to give a new member a literal panic attack.
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  • Same with Emma. Just don't say nonconsensual sex at all, guys.
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  • Heya Nel glad you could come!
    *Hugs his dear friend*
    Please accept these Muffins and Waffles in way of greeting!
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  • Well great, better tell Trarix before he does somethign stupid
    Stand User: Kole
    Stand Name: Kick in the Head
    Takes the form of a string with a knot tied in the center. Can be used to manipulate or alter the attributes of an object or individual. Stand remain in contact with the User to be effective

    Power: E
    Speed: A
    Range: B
    Durability: A
    Precision: A
    Potential: C
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  • just noticing these posts o.o
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  • I think it might be possible to censor that word, and then make it so that certain ranks/user groups throughout the forum can see through the censorship. I'll have to look into it
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  • Noted
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  • hey guys,its been forever nya,i missed u all so much!

  • Hey Welcome back! *Hugs*
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  • *snuggles and huggles,quickly licks glath's cheek* Glath!!!

  • Hello new person. Please take the time to read our rules and guidelines before you start roleplaying with us.

    We love new people, but we want to make sure they understand how we have fun here.


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